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Just Say

JUST SAY- Single by Ena Marley



In her  single “Just Say”, Ena encapsulates the feelings of confusion and loneliness during the end of a relationship, where individuals tend to lose the sense of reality, mixing it with fantasy and ending up wondering what is true and what is not.

This cinematic video takes you to a mystic place where emotions are at the highest intensity and darkness is the only thing that is left.




The music video also tries to highlight several moments of melancholy, confusion, loneliness, and desolation with the memories and past events of the character. The major part of the video had been captured during the thick smog days  and intense nights in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, India




Her songwriting and voice has been

identified as something fresh, unique

and naif  and her live performances

are intimate and sensible.



The release of the single  will be on 6th of March. We are happy to share with you the unreleased material in case that you would like to feature it in your magazine or playlist. Please, any further clarification we will be happy to attend in the next contacts bellow.

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