CryptoMusicians is a project which uses a cryptocurrency to allow my followers to interact, engage and support my music and be a part of it and also share my success.

To participate in some of my songs where I'm asking people to vote with ENA coins, visit

The ENA coin

The ENA coin is a cryptocurrency that is on the Ethereum blockchain. By holding ENA coins, you not only support me, but you can also use it to influence my work and be a part of my success.

About the Artist

Almudena Díaz-Llanos Longares aka. Ena Marley is a singer, composer, and songwriter committed to use her creative knowledge in order to reflect stories and aware people about social problems, environmental issues, and consumer-facing lives, talking to a new generation that sometimes look aimless.

If you'd like to know more about my work and the projects/people that I've worked with, you can checkout out my portfolio.