About ENA coins

ENA coins are tokens on the blockchain that allows users to influence my work and also be a part of my success!

Here are some of the things you can do with ENA coins.

Vote on Songs

Everytime I start composing a new song, I'll ask my fans for ideas and suggestions on how the song should be composed. For every new idea, I'll ask people to vote on them. The ideas with most ENA coins against them, will be the one I'll use in my song.

Earn Royalties

Everytime I do a concert or I sell my music, I'll share a percentage of my profits to all my token holders. This means that by investing in ENA coins, you'll also be a part of my success in the long term.

Buy Music/Merchandise

You can use ENA coins to purchase my songs or get discounts on my different pieces of merchandise.

Trade ENA coins

ENA coins can also easionly be tradable on an exchange, which gives ENA token holders the opportunity to sell ENA coins as well.

Earn ENA coins

You can also earn ENA coins by sharing the project on social media. The more people who hear about the project, the more tokens you get.